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Sauna Belt

Reveal the fitness freak in you with this slimming belt from Sauna. The perfect way to lose those unnecessary flab and burn your fats, this belt lets you lose it all in the comfort of your home.A sauna suit is sometimes called a “rubber suit” because the early types were made of rubber or rubberized 

Daily Jogger

Daily Jogger is an aerobic exerciser. The concept of this Walker is based on principle of Gold Fish movement. This Walker will give the left & right swinging motion from toe to head like fish swimming. Daily Jogger scientifically designed machine to give relief from various diseases/ailments

Body Massager

Praesent et bibenduMassager is designed to help relief tired to aching muscles. Dolphin Massager comes with three Interchangeable heads.It also release Infrared Rays to help reduce stress,Improve circulation & relieve Pain.It has a light weigh designed and unique shape that is perfect for anyone.


  • Acupressure power mat is a essential tool for your health and body vigor
  • Do you know that there are 64 acupressure points below your feet which corresponds to each and every organ in your body. That means walking over the powermat gives massage and activation to all the organs in your body

Sona Steam Both

  • Steam bath therapy is used from ancient times and also recognized in panchakarma in ayurveda
  • It helps in maintaining overall health by artificially increasing the temperature of the body which subsequently produces sweat and you get benefits like.

Hand Roller

It helps to relieve pain, reduces strain, increases blood circulation, and provides a relaxing effect to the body. In a nutshell, acupressure involves the simple act of applying pressure to various points on our bodies and it does wonders to alleviate the aches, pains, tension, and built up stresses on 

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